Sunday, August 30, 2009

LA COLOURS at my local buck or two store

Its been awhile since ive blogged but im back and ill try to update my blog more often.... Anyway I needed some retail therapy in an inexpensive way. So Iwent to the dollar store and nearly had a heart attack. Ive been watching tutorials on LA Colours makeup and took heed to the cheap cost of a dollar, only thing was my local stores didn't carry the line until NOW. Let me tell you I ended up leaving the dollar store with 24 palettes! two of each colour and 3 foundation to play with along with that 2 liquid liners. I've posted some pics below let me know what you think... These palettes are extrmeley pigmented and colourful im very impressed especially because they are so cheap. I also went to my local Walmart to get a train case for a few upcoming jobs and couldnt find any to fit my makeup, so you know where I went???? to the fishing department..yup i said it. I bought myself and fishing/tackling box.... the colour is very neutral but thats minor... the compartments are great and so was the price for the size it is I ended up paying 24.97 plus taxes. check it out as well
Palette: Tease

Palette:tea time

black walnut
beautiful bronze

Palette: soiree Palette:wine and roses

Palette: Fabulous Palette: unforgettable

Palette: mesmerize Palette: enchanted

Loose pigments:grape jelly,peeka-blue,sweet tart Palette: stormy

Palette: serenade Palette: Wildflowers

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lipstick cherry said...

oh wow such a great deal isnt it? my dollar store didnt have much, & had the other L.A. colors pallete, but i really wanted to get my hands on those!!

let me kno how the foundation works out! =)